Terms and Conditions

The date of the last update of the rules and regulations page of the site was 11/30/1400, and it is assumed that the users of the site have read it up to 14 days after this date and are fully aware of its contents. In order to provide our services better, we can update and make changes in the rules and regulations of the site, by mentioning the exact date, and we expect users to be fully aware of the changes made.

This Terms and Conditions page is an agreement

The subject of Jalal Davoodi’s site activity
Jalal Davoodi website is active in the field of music and introducing the works of Mr. Jalal Davoodi.


Membership and creation of an account on the site is free. People must go to the membership section to join. Registration on the site and completing the membership form in which information such as first and last name, contact number and e-mail is received, is considered as full awareness and acceptance of the rules and regulations of the site.
Any person who uses the site for any purpose and in any way means that he is fully aware of all the rules and regulations of the site and is fully accepted and subject to it.
Individuals must use their own information and identity to join the site, and the site management has no responsibility for violating this article.
Individuals must be careful in creating their account to record their true information and details correctly and completely. Site management is not responsible for the inaccuracy of user information.
If a person is found to be making negative, inaccurate, inaccurate or biased advertisements against this site, whether these activities are online or offline, the site administrator can delete the user’s account and expel the offending person from the site.


User information is protected by the site and the management makes every effort to protect user information and tries to use the necessary facilities and infrastructure for this purpose.
The site management makes every effort to provide quality training and services to users and to accept suggestions and criticism.
The site administration makes every effort to update its pages and content. The site may, for any reason, freely delete or temporarily make a particular page of the site unavailable, and this action does not give users the right to object.

User responsibilities

The user must be diligent in maintaining their information and keep information such as username, contact information and passwords confidential. In case of violation of the provisions of this article and disclosure of user information, the site has no responsibility and all responsibilities and consequences are the responsibility of the user.
Individuals should not leave their account with any other person or persons for any purpose. Site management only serves the person who owns the account. In case of any problem due to the simultaneous use of the user account or its transfer to another, all responsibilities are the responsibility of the user and the site management has no responsibility. In addition, if it is found out how many people are using the same account and products at the same time, the site management can take the necessary actions at its discretion.
Users undertake to use all the products they purchase in person and to refrain from sharing them online or offline, directly or indirectly. In case of violation of the provisions of this article and the publication or transfer of products, the site management reserves the right to pursue legal action and his lawyers will take legal action.

Register and send the order

If the product purchased by the user is downloadable, the user can access the content from the user profile section. An email containing a purchase invoice and a download link will also be sent to the email address registered by the buyer. Failure to receive the confirmation email will not deprive the buyer of the right to access the purchased content.
If the purchased product is physical, the user must be careful to enter the address and postal code of the place of receipt completely accurately and correctly. The site management has no responsibility if the address announced by the user is inaccurate and the product does not reach the buyer. In the case of physical products, an email containing the purchase invoice will be sent to the buyer, and if the e-mail is not received, the buyer will not lose the right to use the purchased content.
The delivery time of physical products is usually 5 working days, which may be delivered sooner or later. The time of sending orders that are registered on holidays will be calculated after the first day of the holiday.
If the user transaction is unsuccessful and money is deducted from the user’s account, the deducted amount will be automatically refunded by the relevant bank within 72 hours.
If a user makes a mistake in payment, such as adding a product to the cart more than once, they must submit a request for a refund of additional funds to the site. From the time the user notifies the site, the relevant funds will be refunded at least 72 hours later and only to the same account from which the purchase was made. The same sentence applies in case of mistakes in card-to-card purchases.
Delivers all physical products to the post office in a completely safe manner, and the post office is also obliged to deliver the products to the destination in compliance with safety tips. However, if the shipped product is defective, the buyer must notify within 7 days to take action.